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Introducing our exquisite Incense discovery set. A four piece ensemble that invites you to embark on a fragrant journey like no other. This set is designed to introduce you to the magical world of incense and home fragrances.

Your Discovery Kit includes: 

Mini Incense Burner 3X3in: A sleek, elegantly designed hand-crafted incense burner by GooseBump Woodarts. Place it on your coffee table or hold it from a safe distance and let the diffused incense fragrance your hair and clothes

10 g Incense: The star of the show, this includes a premium selection of perfumed incense from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi to immerse you in the world of timeless captivating aromas. PRO TIP: You can mix more than one type of incense to create your own personalized aroma.

Charcoal: Heat your charcoal using a torch or a lighter, or simply place it on your stove for 1 minute until the edges turn white. Using your tongs, carefully place it on top of your incense burner then place your incense chips on top to diffuse the scent. 

Tongs: These tongs are designed for handling and placing charcoal safely on to your burner. You can use it to place the incense on top of the charcoal as well to avoid burns.

Did you know? Burning incense has plenty of benefits such as Aromatherapy, Stress Relief, Mood Enhancement and creating a Zen environment.

Welcome to the world of incense. Enjoy your experience of tranquillity.